12 Star Wars Clone Wars Action Figures for 2010

by Jon

Thisen from Clone Wars action figure collection

Thisen from Clone Wars action figure collection

At Toy Fair 2010 in New York (still ongoing, but I say 2010 for when people from the future will read this post and appreciate my sense of organization) Hasbro has showcased their Star Wars Clone Wars action figures.

The Clone Wars action figure collection consists of 12 action figures from the first 2 seasons and the vehicles and figures here. Don’t forget to check out the other 11 figures on Flickr here, they’re not looking too shabby, might be a good addition.

Check for Star Wars action figures on

Amazon: http://actionfiguresbuff-jon.com/entertainment-earth/star-wars

Entertainment Earth: http://actionfiguresbuff-jon.com/entertainment-earth/star-wars

Don’t forget to the original post: http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/index.php/2010/02/15/12-new-clone-wars-action-figures-for-2010/

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