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Hi and welcome to my blog, I’m Jon. I hope you enjoy your stay, as minimal as it may be. Speaking of minimal, one of the reasons my blog is the way it is, is because I’m sick of advertising, of the simple rules to flatten my stomach, get buffed, fill online surveys or if I want to meet up with a woman in my area or any other variations of image or text links. That’s why I use Firefox with adblock (it’s a FF extension, it’s safe). Ever since installing it, the web has become a much quieter and nicer place. It blocks all, or most of all the annoying ads.

I’m not against google adsense (those ads by google links) because Google is Good, “we’re not evil”, and I believe they’re standing up to their motto. Still, I find any ad link “uglies” a site too much, this is why I have no popups, no banners, no text links, or any other annoying and distracting advertising on my website. From time to time I may post links to statues, action figures or other paraphernalia of these things to sites like big bad toy store, sideshow, EE, or any other, it doesn’t matter, but I’ll do my best to make sure your experience, your reading and your staying on my small blog, is as pleasant as I am in writing and maintaining it. Everything here is on me (no beers though).

So enough with the rambling, this is supposed to be an about page right? So here’s the deal: when I was a kid my parents bought me lots of toys and figures to keep me busy. I would grow bored or destroy them and my parents would give me some more. As I grew up I started caring more for my toys and collecting and drooling over what I could.

I didn’t thought there were enough people I could discuss this with, but having come online to the web sphere and the “internets”, I managed to write and be on top of a lot of things people want to know more about. This is my goal and my endeavour (hurray, a cookie for me).

So now you know enough to blackmail me. Now go read up about action figures on my blog.

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