Action figures brought to life with Avatar i-TAG technology

by Jon

Usually when I post inside stuff as it relates to Toy Fair, as I’ve been doing over the past few days, well, at least every day since the fair started on Sunday, February 14 (it ends today, 17), it usually is me posting stuff on action figures and other physical toys.

This time I got a special treat for you. The guys at laptopmag showed a video of a cool toy in their blog I didn’t know about, the i-TAG, that, according to blogmag, Mattel has used in their Avatar toys line (James Cameron, don’t mix it up with The Last Airbender, which I also posted about.

So the way the i-TAG works is, each of the Avatar toys line comes with a plastic i-TAG. By placing the plastic card under a webcam on your PC or laptop, a 3D representation of the character or figure associated with it shows on the computer screen. And the cool thing is that they can interact with you or with each other (other toys with i-TAG).

I just thought this was amazing and decided to share it with you. Check out the following link to their post and watch their video:

Avatar i-TAG technology

Avatar i-TAG technology

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