Action figures are children’s best friends

by Jon

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Action Figures – A Lonely Child’s Best Friends

Every kid loves to play with toys, especially action figures. But in a lot of cases, this love of the toys goes much deeper than just play. There are all kinds of kids out there who feel lonely, and often, they feel like
they only friends they can really trust are their action figures. They can create fantasy scenarios that put them into a world of make believe, one that is a lot happier than real life.

Action Figures Don’t Bully Kids
Here’s a familiar scene: a child comes home from school every day in tears, because someone has been picking on him. He told the teacher, which just made it worse, and when he tried to defend himself, he was the one who got into trouble. It doesn’t seem fair, but this happens all too often in the world of children (and often in the adult world too…bullies aren’t just limited to kids).

Bullying has been going on for as long as there have been people on the planet. Millions of kids all over the world are bullied every day, and often, they feel like they don’t have anywhere to turn, and no one to talk to. But, they always have one thing in their lives that will always be there for them…their action figures. Toys don’t make fun of you, and they don’t bully you.

Often, a kid that has been bullied or picked on won’t tell anyone in fear that they will get it even worse, but, he or she will talk to their action figures. They will cry and say things that they would never have the nerve to say in front of anyone else, and instead of being picked on, or made fun of for crying or being sad, the action figures will commiserate with the child in silence. These beloved toys often become the child’s best friends.

A Healthy Way to Solve Problems
Unfortunately, many kids who are bullied and picked on have difficulties dealing with it, and lash out at their bullies, making the situation even worse. But, kids who act out scenes with their action figures can get out all of their aggressions, and let their feelings loose, without the fear of retribution. They can create scenarios where one figure is the bully and another is the victim. They can unleash all of their anger on the toys, without actually ever hurting anyone, including themselves. This may seem like it is encouraging violence, but really, if the child is not hurting anyone, and they are releasing their aggression, it can actually be a really healthy way to deal with the situation, especially if the kid is not willing to talk to an adult about it.

Best Friends for Life
Many kids who have action figures as their best friends often continue to love these toys throughout their lives. I know a lot of people, myself included, who collect toys as adults for this reason. No matter how old you get, and how successful you become in life, there will always be a little bit of that insecure child inside. Even those who don’t want to admit it get a little bit nostalgic when they think about the toys of their past. Many toy collectors focus on the toys they had as a child, as a way to preserve their only really good childhood memories.

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  • Caroline Zhou

    I still remember some action figures I has in my childhood. at that time, i really enjoy playing with them. 

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