Most action figures ever in an office

by Jon

Charles Alleneck

Charles Alleneck action figures

Meet Charles Alleneck. Charles is an animator at Industrial Light and Magic. I’m sure he’s pretty good at what he does, but the interesting here is not what he does in his office, it’s what he has in his office.

This guy has all these hundreds and hundreds of action figures in his office. How does he do it? I would say a mix of obsession, organization and actual useful reference. Look at all that… it takes an extremely organized person to be able to cram all those toys in one tiny office. And it’s not like his work space is big or anything.

Who the hell is going to dust that room?

And did you know this guy worked in Transformers II? Maybe that explains the hordes of Transformer action figures.

By the way check world famous junkies that got this awesome news:

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