Are you a Barbie girl?

by Jon

Barbie legs showing

Barbie legs

All About Collecting Barbie Dolls and Accessories

Every little girl loves Barbie, and I can’t think of any little girl who doesn’t want to be a Barbie girl. There are other, newer lines of dolls that have hit the market in the past few years and have really surged in popularity, but, no matter what, you are still more than likely going to find at least one Barbie doll in every home that has a little girl living in it.

Grown-Ups Can Be Barbie Girls Too
These days, much of the sales of Barbie dolls and accessories are not necessarily for little girls to play with, but for big girls to collect. A huge part of the Barbie line is devoted to specialty collectible dolls, and there are all kinds to choose from, including some of the newest collectible Barbie dolls, the Ladies of the 80’s collection, with Joan Jett, Deborah Harry (Blondie) and Cindy Lauper.

Barbie fans who also are into television nostalgia will love the new Carol Burnett Barbie, which unlike most character Barbie dolls, instead of having Barbie’s face, she is actually modeled after the famous comedian. The doll wears a Bob Mackie costume from the famous “Went with the Wind” skit, which Mackie re-designed for the new doll.

How to Collect Barbie Dolls
Collecting Barbie can be a really fun (and profitable) hobby, and there are thousands, if not millions of adults all over the world who enjoy getting the latest Barbie in the collection, or finding that really great gem of a classic doll. Depending on the collector, the collections can range from being very specialized, to collections that have all kinds of different Barbie dolls and accessories.

Some people like to only collect Barbie dolls that are either new, or at least, mint in the box. This of course is the way to go if you are planning on selling and trading with other collectors, because the better condition the doll is in, the higher price it will bring. But, there are other collectors who like collecting loose dolls, so they can set them in really cool displays. These collections may not be worth as much, but they are loved just as much.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when collecting Barbie dolls and accessories:

    • If you plan to trade or sell Barbie dolls from your collection, remember that dolls that have been restored or altered do not have the same value as those that are original.
    • Do not mistakenly assume that the date on the Barbie doll is the date that she was made. The date is actually when the mold for that doll was made, and as everyone knows, these molds are often used over and over again for many years.
    • Specific Barbie dolls that are only made in limited numbers always have a higher value, and are much more collectible and highly desired. Collector’s edition Barbie dolls are usually made in quantities of 35,000, while limited edition Barbie dolls are made in far less quantities.
    • If you have, or can get, the original outfits and accessories your collectible Barbie dolls wore, they will increase the value.
    • If you really want to get serious about collecting Barbie, you should invest in books that list the current values of the various dolls.

To learn more about collecting Barbie, and to see all of the newest collectible Barbie dolls, you can visit, where you can also become a member of the Barbie Fan Club. You should also hook up with other Barbie collectors too, which is a great way to learn more about this collecting genre, and to make some new friends too!

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