Avatar is now the best selling movie of all times

by Jon

That’s right folks, Avatar is now the new top grossing movie of all times, surpassing Titanic. It’s amazing how both movies are from the same guy, James Cameron. I’ve read somewhere that he had Avatar in the making for more than a decade, maybe 12, 13 years, this means he was already working or thinking about Avatar before directing Titanic (which is from 1998, so kind at the same time or so).

So there you have it. Avatar the movie is now the top player in the world as the most seen and highest grossing movie of the history of them’ movies.

For the record, Avatar broke the $1.843 billion record of Titanic on Monday and it’s said to go beyong the $2 billion mark how do you like that? One thing to notice is that the 3D screenings are also contributing to this fact, but it’s still quite the feat. Plus, there’s likely some Oscars coming up for it as well.

Sideshow on their website has The Art of Avatar and a couple of other limited edition fine art prints. These prints are really expensive so they’re probably not for you but I’m showing them anyway:

Avatar Framed Giclee on Canvas – Fine Art Print

‘Aerial Battle’
‘Neytiri and Thanator’
‘Willow Glade’

Amazon has a special place just for Avatar called simply, the Avatar Store, which you can go by clicking the picture below.

The Avatar Store

Amazon's Avatar Store

Click on this image to go to Amazons Avatar Store

Read about it here as well: http://www.i4u.com/article30320.html

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