Back to the Future II DeLorean car

by Jon

Back to the Future II DeLorean car

Back to the Future II DeLorean - click here

This one is an EE exclusive. This is the DeLorean version of Back to the Future II (from 1989). It has the same gull-wing doors we were used to see and that are still so common in high end luxurious sports cars and… Doc’s modifications along with the 2015 hover conversion kit. This means the wheels pop out for the DeLorean’s flight mode.

The Delorean is 13-inch long and you can pretty much get any 3.75-inch action figure inside. Sorry there’s not a Doc figure, at least I don’t know any, but a bunch of your 3.75-inch will do just fine. By the way the DeLorean also has sound effects:

* Sound effects include:First time travel
* Car trouble
* Revving up and winding down
* Opening door
* Rev up and peel out
* Engine start-up
* Return from time travel
* Return from time travel to a screeching halt
* Time circuit engaged
* Hover landing

DeLorean Back to the Future II 13-inch car

Click here and get your Back to the Future II DeLorean

Note: You also have the Back to the Future III DeLorean (even though it’s not an exclusive who cares)

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