Catwoman versus Batgirl statue

by Jon

Batgirl versus Catwoman fight scene statue

Batgirl versus Catwoman statue by Dc Direct

Catwoman vs Batgirl statue

Catwoman versus Batgirl statue depicts a fight scene between 2 of the greatest Gotham City’s babes. Cat fight… meow.

This statue was designed by Matt Haley and Andy Bergholtz and it shows the clash between these 2 awesome DC babes and captured in time when Catwoman was trying to fight her way out after robbing a bank. I wonder how comfortable those high heels on her must be. I’ve seen variations of Batgirl with high heels as well, I think it’s a whole lot of nonsense, but fortunately in this scene she’s ok.

As you may notice, the capes from both Batgirl and Cat Woman provide the base where they can stand and be displayed. The whole package separates the 3 pieces, Batgirl, Catwoman and the spoil from the bank robbery (or similar heist).

Batgirl versus Catwoman is 8 inches tall by 11 inches wide by 5 inches long, it’s cold casted, hand painted and is a limited run of 1,500 statues. Get yours now… or else :P

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