Battletoads action figures

by Jon

G-Brand of FigureRealm has made some wicked cool custom Battletoads action figures. They were one of the baddest cool looking characters of a NES and later Genesis/Mega-Drive beat’em up. The game itself was kind of hated back then because of bugs and glitches and the difficulty of it, however Retro feelings sometimes come flowing to the surface and because of that we have someone has already made some nice custom and cool looking Battletoads action figures. Feast your eyes.

Mean looking BattleToads

You can also check some resources below.
Gallery at FigureRealms

GoNintendo post

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  • Boxinchito

    Where can I buy these?

  • action figures

    They’re custom jobs :)

  • fujak

    brilliant…. battletoads was a great game BECAUSE it was so difficult

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