Bettie Page girl of our dreams

by Jon

Bettie Page Girl of Our Dreams pinup statue

Bettie Page

Bettie Page got pretty famous in the 1950s for her modeling an pin-up photos, it’s one of the reasons why she is considered Queen of the Pinups and reached her popularity peak in the 60s.

She died in 2008 and she had constant swings of depression in her later life but she left a legacy for artists, collectors and fans all over the world and that’s how some people like to remember her.

This Bettie Page statue comes in with pink lingerie, an inviting pose and naughty smile. She was sculpted by Kent Melton based on the art of Dave Stevens.

The pose is sexy I just want to comment on her left hand, doesn’t that look like she’s about to launch a spider web? I thought that was funny.

So here she is, would this be the girl of your dreams, would this be the one? :P

Bettie Page Girl of Our Dreams
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Bettie Page pinup statue

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