Bif Bang Pow! to produce Mego style action figures

by Jon

Bif Bang Pow action figures on Entertainment Earth (the good ones on pre-order only)

Some Bif Bang Pow action figures

EMCE Toys and Bif Bang Pow are joining forces for the co-release of action figures of popular shows. These will be Mego-style release based on the 70′s explosion of action figures of the comics world by Mego.

The design of the figures will be by EMCE Toys, featuring 8 inch action figures with proper clothing and accessories where and when available. There are over 40 figures in this project, all planned for 2010 (yay), and the first batch is in Summer and also for the Comic Con in San Diego, with the rest of the bunch following suit later in the year. The Mego-ized 40 figures are spread across 7 shows.

The Venture Bros.(Cartoon Network)
Dexter (Showtime Networks)
Lost(ABC Disney)
The Big Lebowski (NBC Universal)
The Twilight Zone (CBS)
Flash Gordon (King Features)
Scott Ian (Anthrax)

Jackson Publick, creator of The Venture Bros was impressed by how Bif Bang Pow was able to find that sweet spot between the 2-D and 3-D world and also said fans are going to crap themselves with Brock’s action figure.

Jason Lenzi of Bif Bang Pow said he was excited by having these sets of action figures all in the same universe, providing some interesting setups and displays.

The first action figures will be shown at Toy Fair in New York on February 14 through 17, this year, 2010, and they will be shown to retailers and press on EMCE Toys’ boot.

The figures will be available to pre-order on Entertainment Earth (check them back). Click here to check Bif Bang Pow on Entertainment Earth or click the pic on the left (again, the new ones are to be displayed at the Toy Fair, they’ll probably be available afterward so check them back).

You can check Bif Bang Pow’s blog and Venture Bros (one of the shows being Mego-ized) below:

EDIT: I just checked entertainment earth and they now have 3 new Bif Bang Pow’s figures, John Locke, Hurley and Benjamin Linus. Click the previous link to read the post.

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  • Will

    Jon, so is your sense that BifBangPow is releasing these MEGO-style figures in addition to releasing real action figures, or is your sense that they're entirely going with MEGO-style figures this year? It sounds a bit like maybe BifBangPow merged with EMCE Toys, more than just simply hiring EMCE Toys. Maybe BifBang was essentially going out of business, and had little choice but to bring its licenses to EMCE Toys and hope for the best.

    I have mixed feelings about this, myself. Particularly since I was hoping that Doc Venture would have an appropriately slumped over body sculpt to convey his sense of failure — but there will be no opportunity for body expression with MEGO-style generic bodies.

    I'm aware BifBangPow has toyed with distorted bodies before. I recall that with their Big Lebowski line, BifBangPow originally went with really distorted body shapes, which they then had to hide with robes (in the case of the Dude — Walter was, well Walter had a distorted shape in real life anyway). And then the later figures in the Lebowski line have been less exaggerated, as they reigned in their decision.

    So my feeling is, here we go again. BiffBangPow gets the idea in its collective head to make really distorted figures — this time, in the shape of MEGO-esque figures. And I wonder if again, they'll have to pull back.

    I wish them well, despite my reservations. I suspect if I had kids, I'd buy them Lost MEGO-style figures just to make the one-note joke into a two-note joke. (First note being “these look like toys for the kids from the 1970s! Ha ha!”, second note being “And I'm making my kids play with them! Ha ha!”)

    They're certainly going directly against the grain. And maybe they'll find these will appeal to people other than MEGO collectors. I'll be interested to see what happens.

  • Jon the action figures buff

    I don't know, but that's an interesting point you raise when you mention maybe they merged because they were going out of business. When I catch them saying things like “we're so excited” or “fans will crap themselves when they see Brock”, well that's their job to hype us up, I'm not sure that they would things say “yeah well we almost went under now we're with these guys”, or “I took a look at the toys and thought they could be much better but you should buy them anyway”.

    Now I'm probably being a bit harsh here and it could be a different situation altogether but I guess we'll never know, it's a possibility. Or then again it could be one of the best retro things coming up. Well written nonetheless (you're in a writing related job?) and I'll also be interested to see what happens.

  • Will

    Thanks (re: “you're in a writing related job?”) but really I just remember, as do you, the lost art of paragraph breaks!

  • Jon the action figures buff

    *chuckle* well said.

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