Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 action figures

by Jon

Bioware’s new title, Mass Effect 2 has its own set of action figures. They’ll be released in August 2010 by DC Comics (DC Direct). In the first line of figures (series 1) we will have Grunt, Shephard, Tali and Thane. All of the characters in the first series will be 6.75 inches tall. The game’s release date was January 26 2010 in North America, and in Europe was January 29 for the Xbox and PC. If you haven’t bought the game yet I suggest you go buy mass effect 2 on Amazon and then come back to this page.

Mass Effect 2 series 1 action figure set

They are already available for pre-order. Click the following link and pre-order them:

Mass Effect 2 series 1 action figures

Mass Effect 2 series 1 action figures - click here and pre-order

Don’t forget to read some more about it here:

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