Clash of the Titans action figures and props by NECA

by Jon

NECA Clash of the Titans Perseus action figure

NECA Clash of the Titans Perseus action figure

In February I posted an overview of NECA action figures at Toy Fair 2010. In the video that I’m showing in that post we can see a couple of shots of the Perseus action figure of the Warner Bros. upcoming remake of the movie, Clash of the Titans.

The plot of the movie goes something like this: Perseus is son of Zeus. He’s the good guy. Hades is lord of the underworld and is doing some nasty things over there and someone needs to stop him. Yep, hero to the rescue.

By the way the guy portraying Perseus in the movie is Sam Worthington, the actor who played that hybrid dude in Terminator: Salvation. He was also on Avatar as well, playing Jake Sully.

NECA has 2 Perseus action figures, both 7-inch: one is the clean version, the other one is the messy and dirty one to show how much fighting he has gone through.

There will also be 6 Clash of the Titans resin statues of the gods, also 7-inch, and some cool looking and massive prop replicas for the movie. There are 4 of these replicas: Perseus 27-inch sword (this is real metal, don’t say I didn’t warned you), Perseus sword from the gods, at an even bigger 34-inch size, a 10 1/2″ baton of the gods and a 9 1/2″ throwing knife, that was used by Draco in the movie.

Clash of the Titans action figures, statues and replicas
Click the links below and get the following items
Perseus main action figures
NECA store on Amazon
Resin statues of the god – set of 6
Perseus 27-inch sword

Perseus 34-inch sword (now this one’s a killer)

General search for lots of Clash of Titans goodies (might be a better link for you)

6 Clash of the Titans resin statues of the gods

Clash of the Titans resin statues of the gods

Perseus sword props and replicas of Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans - Perseus sword

You can check the other replica pics on toy news international:

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  • Joshua

    NECA perseus looks way better than the preview pics that hot toys has to offer. Have to admit that NECA never fails to impress me. Legacy of kain, Dead space etc. blew me away…

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