Colossus Legendary Bust

by Jon

Colossus Legendary Scale Bust

Sideshow Colossus Legendary Scale Bust

Colossus legendary bust sideshow

Colossus Marvel


Colossus legendary bust is a bust by Sideshow. Colossus is looking just like in the comics and his massive square jaw and upper built is pretty dead on.

If you’re not really into busts you may want to skip this one and wait for the comiquette, that’s what some people are doing, either because they want to justify buying something they like or they just rather have a full body statue of Colossus instead of a bust.

Statues are a dime a dozen but busts are cool, they’re meant to sit on a proper display and have their own place in your collection.

Hopefully one day we’ll get to see Colossus younger sister Illana in statue form, either in diorama, comiquette or premium format. Either her regular human form or her demon like appearance with horns. Now tell me she wouldn’t give a really cool and sexy statue?

Going back to Colossus and his bust, go check him out:

Illyana Rasputin is Colossus sister

Illyana Rasputin is Colossus sister

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