Complete Popeye line of figures

by Jon

I’ve read an interesting review of the entire (or almost) line of Popeye action figures at toyriffic. This is the entire collection apart from maybe an accessory or two. This is a Mezco line by the way.

Figures like Popeye have more than one release. Some figures like Bluto have, in one series, a button you can press on his back to swing an uppercut, while his second release, Sailor Bluto, has a throwing movement instead of an uppercut motion. Popeye also has the usual movements we’ve been accostumed to see, and according to Eric at Toyrrific the hardest for him to get was Alice the Goon.

You can check out the entire review here:

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  • BubbaShelby

    Hi Jon,

    To answer your question (on my blog) I knew Alice was coming and I could read the writing on the wall regarding the “death” of the line, so at the time I contacted dealers and the like trying to find someone who would be carrying it – to no avail. I kept my eyes online and finally one day Mezco actually had her in their own shop at MSRP price! I bought her, and no sooner than a couple hours later she was sold out! (Shoulda bought more than one – but at least I have one!)

    Since then she's rarely seen on places like eBay and relatively expensive when she does appear.

  • Jon

    At least you got her, it's probably going to get her up in price as collectible item. One thing you can use for these sort of thing is (url) and type in mezco's website or any other website of something you want to keep an eye on. Whenever that website makes an update you receive an email.

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