Creature from Black Lagoon figure (with babe)

by Jon

Creature Black Lagoon Action Figure

Creature from Black Lagoon figure

Universal Monsters Select is the company behind Creature from Black Lagoon figure. It’s sculpted by Rudy Garcia and the base is from Jean St. Jean.

It stands 7 inches tall and shows the Gill-Man for what he’s known best on the screen: scaring babes.

It’s a great scene to have it displayed, I think it’s reasonably cheap because they’re 2 figures, they have a couple of articulation points, a good base, and it’s big enough to get noticed.

Creature from Black Lagoon
click below in order to get it
Creature from Black Lagoon

* Here’s Gill-Man, applying lotion to those hard-to-reach areas!
* Figure of The Creature and his swim-suited human crush.
* Give the last of the great Universal Monsters a home!
* Sculpted by Rudy Garcia with a base by Jean St. Jean.

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