Cross Days Sekai Saionji

by Jon

Cross Days Sekai Saionji statue

Sekai Saionji from Cross Days

Sejai Saioni is a 1:7 scale statue dressed in maid’s clothes from Cross Days, an erotic Japanese novel for the PC (release date was March 19, 2010). It was developed by 0verflow and published by Stack Ltd. for the PC.

So basically this means Cross Days is a PC game, or in other words it’s a PC visual novel where you watch the episodes or stories and select comments or actions you can do. The decisions you make influence the story and take the game into certain directions, so you could have multiple endings and replayability. It feels like I’m talking about an RPG, which some would say it is, but you better not go overboard or the hardcore dudes at RPG Codex will get you.

Anyway, since this is a statue from an erotic visual novel and her outfit is removable, it goes without saying this statue is for mature collectors only.

Cross Days Sejai Saioni statue
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Sejai Saioni statue

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