Darth Maul bank

by Jon

Darth Maul Bank

Darth Maul Bank front view

Darth Maul Bank back view

Darth Maul Bank back view

Darth Maul protects your investments

Well, not quite. But he sure looks scary.

What would be a better guardian for your spare change than a Sith Lord? This guy mean business. “Hand me your money weakling. Put it on my back. Do it. Do it now!”.

Darth Maul bank is a cool way to show people where you’re putting your money. It beats the swear jar, or you can just combine and grab the money you have on the jar into Darth Maul, I’m sure it’ll be safer there.

Think about it, a burglar will more likely be searching for a jar or a pig bank than a Sith Lord, it could be a worthless statue for all he cares. Unless he’s kind of an action figure collector himself and wants to sell it on ebay, but that’s another story.

This is where I checked Darth Maul bank news: http://www.artasylum.com/blog/2010/05/hes-angry-and-hes-guarding-your/

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