DC Chronicles The Sandman Death statue

by Jon

DC Chronicles The Sandman Death statue

The Sandman - Death

I remember Death as was shown in the Marvel universe, maybe a decade or two ago when I was reading some kind of mini-series of Thanos wanting to rule the universe. And for that he wanted Death by his side. Death was shown with a dark robe covering her body and face, you could see by her hands that she was some kind of skeleton though. That freaked me out a little bit as at the time I was just a kid.

Even though this post and statue is about the DC universe, there has been a number of representations of Death throughout the years, but this one doesn’t scare me at all.

This statue is based on Neil Gaiman’s Death The Sandman, and it almost makes the character comes alive (ahem). It was sculpted by Michael Locascio and it’s 7 3/4-inches tall x 5-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches long, limited run.

The Sandman Death statue
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The Sandman – Death

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