Diablo III OVERTHROWN action figure- the Barbarian

by Jon

I got word from Tomopop that Sideshow Collectibles just released a Barbarian loose. It’s the character class being represented as the Barbarian in the upcoming Diablo 3, which is still in the makings (I played Diablo 1 and 2 as most people reading this probably, if not, you still know what I’m talking about).

The figure(s) portray dual axes, a bunch of weapon on his back and a nice detailed battle armor. It’s 18″ high and 12.5″ wide and there’s 400 available (polystone diorama). I mean there were, while I was reading the post on tomopop and writing this post, the standard Barbarian sold out, the exclusive edition is still up and according to the Sideshow graph, it’s on the red, if you want it, you need to click below on the links or pics and get it now (why am I still wasting time writing this!).

Click below to go to Sideshow!



Diablo III Overthrown Barbarian

Golly, I forgot, here’s the link to tomopop: http://tomopop.com/sideshow-collectibles-announces-massive-diablo-iii-diorama-10773.phtml

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  • http://actionfiguresbuff-jon.com/ Jon the action figures buff

    My hands are shaking… waitlist or not?

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