Action figures and figurines

by Jon

Hand holding cutout figure

Hand holding cutout figure

The Difference Between Action Figures and Figurines

There are all kinds of people all over the world who collect many different types of toys. Some people collect action figures, and others collect figurines. Many people think that these are one in the same, but actually, there are some really huge differences between action figures and figurines, and each are a completely different type of genre for collectors.

What is a Figurine?
A figurine is a figure that has been created to represent a certain character, such as Star Wars figurines, Marvel Comics figurines, etc. These small dolls, for lack of a better word, can be as tiny as less than one half inch, and as large as six inches. Anything larger is usually classified as a statue, and figurines are also referred to as statuettes. A great example of a tiny figurine would be the little green army men that were once popular toys, and could be ordered from the backs of comic books for years. Figurines are molded, meaning that they have no movable body parts.

Often, figurines are molded with a base, to make it easier to stand them up and display them. Figurines are made from many different materials, including plastic, and can either be realistic-looking, or not so realistic-looking. Both types are popular.

What is an Action Figure?
An action figure is also a toy that is created to represent a particular character, usually from popular movies, cartoons and comic books, but action figures are usually larger than most figurines, and have at least one movable body part. The heads and arms almost always move, so that they can be posed with various accessories, like weapons, or can be posed in action poses, which is really fun to do if you have two or more action figures. Unlike figurines, action figures can be posed, either for play by children or to put into a really cool display.

When it comes to costumes for action figures, there are two main types: those that are painted on, and costumes that are made from fabric and can be removed. With action figures that have removable clothing, there are usually all kinds of other outfits and accessories that you can also get for them. This is really great for people who like to collect and display loose action figures, because they can change their displays and create new ones with the added clothing and accessories.

Not only are there some really neat clothing and weapons for action figures, there are all kinds of other accessories that make collecting action figures really fun. You can get a lot of different vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, planes and tanks, and these can all be incorporated into a really cool display.

Action Figures or Figurines: Which is the Best to Collect?
Really, action figures are no better than figurines, and vice versa. It all just depends on what the individual collectors like. Some people even like to collect both styles of figures, especially if they collect a certain character. When they collect both figurines and action figures, they are really expanding the range of their collecting. Whichever style of figure a person collects, the whole purpose is to have fun collecting something they love.

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