Doctor Who 10th Doctor Tonner Doll

by Jon

Doctor Who tenth doctor Tonner Doll

Doctor Who tenth doctor (David Tennant)

Doctor Who 10th Doctor is a work by Tonner Doll using the famous (or infamous?) “Matt O’Neill” body type.

This doll is modeled after David Tennant, the actor who played the tenth Time Lord, better known as Doctor Who in the Doctor Who TV series. By now you know there’s a new doctor in the house so it may be a good time to add him to your collection.

By the way this action figure (or is it a doll?) is a limited run of 2,000 figures.

If you’re a fan, get this, if not, skip it and save your money for something else. Don’t let your collection own you… it’s good to have a hobby unless it’s messing up with your financial life.

Doctor Who 10th doctor Tonner Doll
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Dr. Who Tenth doctor

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