German toy seller selling Hitler action figures and dolls

by Jon

At the Nurember’s Toy Fair (in EU, Germany), a German seller was selling Adolf Hitler action figures. The World War Two themed dolls were on display on his booth and the collection had Hitler giving his nazi salute and SS bodyguards. There was also an open top card. Hitler was priced at £4,50 and the bodyguards, that came with the car, costed £20. The same seller also had tanks, bunkers and Luftwaffe aircraft.

The stall where they were being sold was closed and the stall holder was reported shouting at a reporter: “I do not know what you want, you clown”. In Deutsch it probably reads as a more elaborate verbal attack than this translation but you get the picture. Event representatives were mad at this because selling any merchandise linked with the Nazis is considered illegal in Germany. The figures are missing in action by the way.

You can read about it here as well:

1/6 Scale DID WW2 Hermann Weber HJ-Hitler Jugend

That’s the closest match I could find on Amazon as I’m sure Hitler isn’t exactly popular in History for what he’s done…

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