God of War III action figures to be made by DC Direct

by Jon

DC Direct to make God of War III action figures (Krato being displayed here)

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News from Toy Fair 2010 in New York report that we’re going to have a line of God of War III action figures, which will be released by DC Direct, the company also behind Mass Effect action figures and Dragon Age: Origins action figures. NECA didn’t make it to get the license but it’s ok, DC Direct is reasonably competent as it is.

Kratos as the main character in God of War III will obviously be one of the action figures, but there’s more. The God of War III action figures line will have 4 figures in total: Kratos, Hades, Zeus and a 4th one that we’ll only know when the game is released.The line is set to be released in November this year and it’s estimated the action figures will be around $20 or so. Check them below

HERCULES: 7.5” h
ZEUS: 6.15” h
KRATOS: 5.5” h
HADES: 6.5” h

In the meantime, if you haven’t played the game go and get God of War 3 on Amazon

God of War 3 action figures by DC Direct: Hercules, Zeus, Cratos and Hades

Hercules, Zeus, Cratos and Hades action figures

Don’t forget to read about it here as well: http://www.news-itc.com/index.php/2010/02/16/toyfair-2010-dc-direct-making-god-of-war-iii-action-figures-gamervision-com-god-of-war-iii

And here too: http://toynewsi.com/index.php?itemid=15645

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