Goodbye 2009 – The top five action figures of 2009

by Jon

2009 was marked with ups and downs and some of the great turnarounds and surprises in the action figures market, making it a good year for collectors and companies alike. Even though there were a lot of good releases on the market, some lines just stood out from the crowd. Here are the top five action figures of 2009 (yes, it is a personal opinion :P ).

Top 5 Action Figures of 2009

Mattel – Masters of the Universe Classics

What a crazy year for Mattel and the He-Man line. There were a series of setbacks from the company itself, with fans and customers complaining about defficient packaging, quality issues and mediocre customer service. Still, the 80′s nostalgia took the best out of it and people flocked like crazy to get Mattel’s relaunch of these awesome series.

Mattel – DC Universe Classics

Mattel also acquired the rights for this one and released a line of figures from the DC world and it basically rocked the socks out of the 6 inch fans.

Hasbro – G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

This is an easy spot, also a great series from the 80′s, this line came out sinchronized with the movie G.I. Joe that came out in 2009. A good show, a good movie and a pretty decent looking line.

Hasbro – Star Wars the Legacy Collection

Also helped by an on screen release, the Clone Wars saga, the Star Wars is a big franchise and has been attracted by an ever growing audience of old and new fans alike into their action figures. May the Force be with them.

Hasbro – Marvel Universe

Hasbro looking good yet again with the release of their new Marvel line, which was a good hit on the shelves in 2009 even though the tag price was higher than in other lines.

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