Guitar Hero like toys – Flat toys produce music

by Jon

Paper Jamz guitar, drums and amplifier

Paper Jamz guitar - one of the flat toys in the set

Paper Jamz guitar

Just like Hot Wheels Stealth Rides from Mattel, Paper Jamz joins the trend of flat toys. The Paper Jamz is a creation of WoWee Toys and is going to be anounced at Toy Fair in New York in February 2010. It consists in 6 toy guitars, 6 drums and an amplifier.

The toys will be around an inch thick (and the amplifier is made of cardboard) and they already come with 3 built-in songs. To play you strum the cords that are drawn on the guitar, for example (they’re drawn, there are no actual chords). There’s also a karaoke mode and freestyle for kids want to go all out with it.

Creators at Wowee Toys admits Apple played a part in drawing some inspiration for their Paper Jamz line through Apple’s line of I-pods and other creative products where design and functionality is met. Plus, according to a Wowee spokesperson, it also allows them to lower costs of production while being an innovative product.

The cost for the whole set is $65 and is for kids 8-12 yearsold. It will be in stores in Fall 2010.

You can also read about it here:

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