Hasbro next Iron Man 2 action figures and toys

by Jon

So with Iron Man 2 release date being set to May 7 2010 to hit theaters, a bit short than 2 months from now, we’re already starting to see the marketing machine rolling and there will be some new Iron Man 2 action figures being released by Hasbro. By the way I also posted Iron Man 2 trailer a while ago you might want to check that out as well and then come back here.

Hasbro has 3 main lines of figures for Iron Man 2 all 4-inch: the Comic Series, Movies Series and Concept Series. We also have the deluxe figures, vehicles and a few other secondary (secondary to me I mean) lines and other miscellaneous stuff.

This is an overview on the upcoming action figures and toys for Hasbro’s Iron Man 2 lines, and not the actual number of figures in each line. There are 34 numbered figures so far, check Hasbro Iron Man 2 action figures and toys checklist for a list on Iron Man figures.

Hasbro Iron Man 2 4 inch action figures comic series

Iron Man 2 Comic Series action figures

Iron Man 2 Comic Series

The comic series are based on the designs of his armor displayed in the iron man comics.

They will be adding 4 figures: Guardsman, Iron Man 1990s Armor, Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor and Iron Man Pointy Mask.

Hasbro Iron Man 2 action figures Movie Series

Iron Man 2 action figures Movie Series

Iron Man 2 Movie Series

The movie series are based on the designs of, you guessed it, the movies.

There will be 5 more figures available: Iron Man Mark IV, Iron Man Mark VI, Iron Man Mark VI with Power Up Glow, War Machine and Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko.

Hasbro Iron Man 2 action figures Concept Series

Iron Man 2 action figures Concept Series

Iron Man 2 Concept Series

The concept series are projects that were based on the movie(s) but were later abandoned. There are only 2 figures here, Iron Man Fusion Armor and Iron Man Inferno Mission Armor.

Hasbro Iron Man 2 action figures Deluxe Series

Iron Man 2 action figures Deluxe Series

Iron Man 2 Deluxe Series

These series add a bunch of accessories and they basically have only one figure, just re-painted in different colors: Iron Man Juggernaut Upgrade, Iron Man Negative Zone Upgrade and Iron Man Shockwave Mission.

Iron Man 2 Miscellaneous

Hasbro Iron Man 2 vehicles - Armor Cycle, Quantum Quad, Turbo Racer and Mark VI Red Vortex

Hasbro Iron Man 2 vehicle

There are other Iron Man 2 stuff Hasbro has or is coming out with as well, like a F-1 like car and other figures and accessories.

Iron Man 2 vehicles
- Mark VI Red Vortex
- Armor Cycle
- Quantum Quad
- Turbo Racer

Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad
- Armor Evolutions
- Armor Wars Part I
- Armor Wars Part II

Iron Man 2 role play (not shown here)
- ARC Light (Mark III)
- ARC Light (Mark VI)

Hasbro Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad -  Armor Evolutions, Armor Wars Part I and Armor Wars Part II

Hasbro Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad

Iron Man 2 Micro Playsets (heads)
- Iron Monger Head
- Iron Man Mark III Head
- Iron Man Mark VI Head
- War Machine Head

Iron Man 2 others
- Iron Man Mark VI 8″ Action Figure
- War Machine 8″ Action Figure
- NERF Iron Strike Blaster
- Rocket Boost Iron Man
- Repulsor Power Iron Man Mark VI
- Tony Starch (Mr. Potato Head)

Hasbro Iron Man 2 Micro Playsets heads

Hasbro Iron Man 2 Micro Playsets (heads)

Hasbro Iron Man 2 other merchandise

Hasbro Iron Man 2 other merchandise

And don’t forget to check Curto’s great and compreensive post on the different Hasbro Iron Man 2 toys: http://www.cooltoyreview.com/story/front/Hasbro_Whats_Next_For_Iron_Man_2_129963.asp

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  • Tristan Teasdale

    iron man mark 1 international

    origins iron man

    “Iron Man is Born!”

    Anthony Stark is a weapons scientist working of the U.S. government. The U.S. is mired in a war in Vietnam where there heavy arms and armaments cannot be brought to bear on Communist forces who use the jungle terrain to their advantage. Stark however sees miniturazation using transistor technology as the way to go.

    The Army flies Stark to Vietnam for the initial combat test of his new weapons. Unfortunately, Stark falls prey to a Vietcong booby trap that leaves him a prisoner of the local Communist warlord. With shrapnel moving toward his heart, and only days to live, he is provided with tools and materials and ordered to build high tech weaponry for the V.C.

    With the help of a captured Chinese physicist Yinsen, he builds a powerful suit of armor that not only keeps him alive, but is equipped with a variety of tools and weaponry. As it is powering up the warlord shows up at the cell, so Yinsen sacrifices his own life to bide time for Stark to become Iron Man for the first time.

    Now able to free himself from captivity, Iron Man will stop at nothing to liberate the Vietnamese village and end the Communist warlord’s reign of terror.

    “The Treasure”

    “The Last Rocket!”



    Artie Simek letterer

    Don Heck cover, inker, penciler

    Gene Colan inker, penciler

    Jack Kirby cover

    Larry Lieber writer

    Stan Lee editor, writer

    Steve Ditko inker, penciler

    Tom Chu colorist


    Adam and Eve


    Iron Man






    United States Army






    Origin Story

    Vietnam War


    Iron Man Armor Mk. I

    Story Arcs

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    Tales of Suspense #39 – Iron Man Is Born! by dagmar_merrill on May 21, 2014

    Spoilers are a possibility.So, I put it upon myself to learn more about Iron Man. I decided to review every issue of Iron Man’s solo adventures I started with Stark: Disassembled and now I go to the beginning and work my way up. So here is what happened Stark is amazing with transistors so amazing that he can use them to do anything. Like as a Magnet! Seriously what is Stan Lee’s obsession with magnetism? Anyway he gets captured and then is forced to work for Wong – Chu, knowing he is about …

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