Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Galactus

by Jon

Marvel Universe Galactus

Galactus looking down on us

Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Galactus action figure was presented at Toy Fair. The figure is 19-inches tall and is pretty articulated.

According to cool toy review, this Galactus figure has some characteristics in his armor that makes him similar to the character design Galactus shows in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

I played the first game some years back but I don’t remember him, or his details. I think the sequel is already out or so but I haven’t played it.

Anyway, Galactus also has a number of in-built lines you can listen by pressing a button in his armor. Check out the video below.

You can also check the video here: http://www.cooltoyreview.com/story/front/TF2010_Spotlight_Hasbros_Marvel_Universe_Galactus_129611.asp

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