History of Iron Man action figures

by Jon

Iron Man action figures history

Mego Iron Man 8 inch action figure

Mego Iron Man 8 inch action figure

I’ve read an interesting and detailed post by Paul Nomad on his IdleHands blog covering a lot or most if not all of the history of Iron Man action figures.

Mego was basically the first toy company to venture itself in making Marvel action figures. This means they were the ones doing Iron Man. Just look at that. That’s one weird and creepy Iron Man. It looks like a yellow Martian.

Then Toy Biz came into scene. They produced a 5 inch action figures line they named Marvel Super Heroes.

Over time a bunch of Iron Man action figures were released ranging from 5 to 10 inches (still not set format here). Their popularity eventually went down for a while and soon stores were having clearance sales. Toy Biz still continued to release new figures in a new line, Marvel Legends, including some new they tackled like Avengers, Wolverine and Spider-Man.

Hasbro eventually took over the franchise. Hasbro is BIG, they have a wide range of distribution and have their toys on a huge number of retailers. However they also cater a lot to a younger market, not just the geeky collectors, so there was that fear looming about some over simplification in the details and forms of some of the action figures, especially with Iron Man as it’s a figure that needs quite a bit of detail.

Hasbro has been pretty busy and successful with their Iron Man action figures line, they’re running a huge number of figures and Iron Man 2 toys, mostly in 3 3/4 inch size.

Other Iron Man action figures include the Minimates from Diamond Select, 2-3 inch Mini Cosbabies and the amazing 12 inch iron man hot toys action figures. Out of all of those 12 inch I just don’t like Black Widow. War Machine, Whiplash, Iron Man 2 Mark IV and the other marks are all great figures.

So don’t forget to check Paul’s post, go read it: http://idlehands1.blogspot.com/2010/05/brief-history-of-iron-man-action.html

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