Hot Toys website hacked?

by Jon

I just checked Hot Toys blog and it appears they’ve been hacked. At the moment I’m writing this they have 10 newly posted blog posts. I only took 2 screenshots of it so you can take a look at it in case they already have the issue sorted out.

These are the blog posts titles, 10 in total, that are spam and were posted:

Kentucky Eastern District
Residential Windmills
Light Cords for Paper Lanterns
Doctors in Oklahoma (OK) Moss – Muthuswamy
The State of Things ? North Carolina Public Radio WUNC
A Guide to Nursing Homes: Skilled Nursing Facilities and …
Precision Resources > Home
Classic Mini Cooper – BRAKE BLEED SCREW SMALL –
Asian Drama Soundtrack Lyrics

I don’t think Hot Toys are even aware of this. They will be eventually. I think they’re running a customized version of the default theme, maybe they haven’t updated their wordpress for some time and somebody took advantage of it. I’m not the one to constantly be on top of beta releases when they come out but I think you need to update from time to time. That, or somebody just got back door in some other way.

Hot Toys blog hacked 1

Hot Toys blog hacked 1

Hot Toys blog hacked 2

Hot Toys blog hacked 2

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