Iron Man 2 War Machine action figure (comics series)

by Jon

War Machine action figure (Iron Man 2 Comic Series)

War Machine action figure (Iron Man 2 Comic Series)

Hasbro is launching a new action figures line based on Iron Man 2, the movie. They’re 3.75″ action figures and there will be 2 different lines, a Comics Series and a Movie Series (there’s also a third one called Concept Series but who’s counting).

The Comics Series will include action figures based on, you guessed it, Iron Man comic book series, while the Movie Series will consist of figures based on characters that made an appearance in the first 2 Iron Man movies.

The figure being reviewed here is War Machine from the Comics Series. For those of you who don’t know the story, Tony Stark built the War Machine for James Rhodes, his best friend, to wear, at times when Iron Man wasn’t capable or available. The War Machine is similar in form and function to Iron Man (and as deadly), although it has a slightly different look in the external design and a grayish look.

The War Machine action figure is also pretty cheap at $7.99 (as probably are others in the line). This is the first wave.

Hasbro's Iron Man 2 action figures (comic series)

Iron Man 2 action figures (comic series)

And check the good folks at Marvelous News for a comprehensive look with the video review as well:

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