Iron Man 2 action figures Hall of Armor Collection

by Jon

Hall of Armor Collection is a 3.75 inch Iron Man 2 action figures line. This line includes Iron Man Mark IV, Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine. These will constitute the first line and they will be exclusive to Target retail stores, for 13 bucks each.

Each action figure has it’s own display stand which lights blue. They’re powered by 3 AAA batteries and the power switch allows you to turn the lights off completely, turn the lights on after a few seconds of having pressed the switch or just having it on until it runs out. The display bases can hold any other of your 3.75 inch action figures so you can have or hold other Hasbro (or any other for that matter) toys you may have.

These iron man 2 action figures follow the same pattern of the other regular Hasbro 3.75 inch line, although there are no additional goodies or accessories that come with them. By the way check the hasbro iron man 2 action figures checklist I posted a while back. Might not be too up to date but it’ll probably do just fine.

According to marvelousnews these action figures are available from April 18th onwards on Target stores.

The Target DCPI # for these is 087-06-1229.

Check the youtube review below (all credit goes to marvelousnews):

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