Lara Croft Snow Day statue

by Jon

Lara Croft Snow Day statue from Tomb Raider: Underworld

Lara Croft Snow Day statue

Lara Croft: Snow Day is a 14.5 inches statue from how she looked like in Tom Raider: Underworld.

This statue was based on Adam Hughes’ sketches and artwork, which Sideshow got the license from or deal cut or whatever, what matter is you get to appreciate a 3-D representation of Adam Hughes work.

I’m a big fan of Hughes and you can easily begin to realize how this statue gives our sweet Lara an accurate representation of how his amazing artwork translates well into this piece.

Plus, she looks pretty cute and captures the moment really well as she is turning her head and is somewhat taken by surprise by something.

Lara Croft Snow Day statue
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Lara Croft Snow Day

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