Lego and Muji creative release – bricks and paper

by Jon

Lego-Muji box

Lego-Muji box

Lego and Muji have joined forces to develop and release a product that is basically a regular box filled with Lego pieces with colored paper sheets. The sheets are to be hole-punched to be able to connect with the Lego pieces.

The special puncher is sold separately and is not included in the box. This offends me somewhat because most people would agree it’s a way to get you to buy more stuff. How hard would it be to include some plastic puncher in it? Not that hard for Lego.

The sheets are just regular colored paper (and some translucent as well), however this product is still a good way for kids to work up on their creativity on a different kind of Lego.

I’m not sure they’re available on Lego already (or if it will be) but you can check it out on your own by clicking here to go to lego.

And here are some links to this news:

Lego&Muji bricks and paper

Lego-Muji joining bricks and paper

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