Lego makes iPhone app

by Jon

Seasonally speaking, Christmas is one of the best times for companies. It’s usually such a time for Lego (they’re from Denmark, did you knew that?), and they get a lot of hungry parents buying stuff for their kids.

Lego iPhone app

Once the holidays are gone though, things eventually start creeping up to standard values, at least in most cases. This is often something companies think about, on how to keep adding value so people can still be interested. Lego thought of something like that, and they’ve made an iPhone photo application. This app lets people take photos and convert them through the app into Lego mosaic bricks.

That’s what it does basically… it would be cool if you could dismantle the pieces and get them back together some kind of mini-game with it, but anyway, you could probably get someone to look at your iPhone and think that is cool. The good thing about it is, it’s free and you can download it here

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