Lego Universe MMO

by Jon

Lego is jumping on the massively multiplayer online bandwagon and is going to launch their own Lego MMO, which is going to be called the LEGO Universe. The MMO is still in beta testing and according to Lego pre-orders will be up soon enough for it. The game will be exclusive to the lego online shop and offline retailers (if I got that right, but at least it will be available online for sure).

Lego Universe, as any or most other massively multiplayer online games out there, will feature both solo and cooperative play. At this point Lego is hyping it up a lot out there, especially to bloggers, but if you ask me, it’s just another MMO, this time though, with a Lego setting. Could be interesting…

You can create your own character, fight legendary battles and epic villains because somewhere in the Lego world there will be a great evil (Maelstorm) coming and you just need to defeat it/him… one quest at a time.

Here’s a video on character creation (looks fun).

A gameplay video below.

And here’s the link to the official trailer:

P.S.: Check LEGO’s online store, do a search for “Lego Universe” and check if it’s already available.

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