Lost Jacob and mysterious men in black 8-inch action figures at Toy Fair

by Jon

I’ve already started seeing season 6. At this point nobody knows the mysterious man in black’s name, but it’ll eventually pop out. Like Docarzt at docarzt.com mentioned, the man in black doesn’t turn into John Locke (aww). Check out some of the pics below, click below on Jacob and MIB and also check out Ben, Hurley and Locke’s action figures, I’m sure they’ll have other Lost action figures as well, and related, but for now, check Jacob and MIB below, and after that you can go check up on the rest of the gang.

Lost Jacob and Man in Black action figures
click below and get Jacob and MIB together
Jacob and mysterious Man in Black

Lost Jacob 8 inch action figure

Lost Jacob 8 inch action figure

Mysterious man in black Lost action figure

Mysterious man in black Lost action figure

This is where I first saw Jacob and MIB:



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