Marvel Select the Thing action figure

by Jon

It’s clobberin’ time

I know it’s cheesy but can you say it’s cloberrin’ time? You can’t? Come on, now, do it now, nobody is listening, just pretend.

I saw on Art Asylum’s blog the Thing action figure of the Marvel Select line of figures. In their words:

Next installment of our Marvel Select…The THING!!!

And let me tell you… this packaging…it’s really freakin’ heavy.
It’s like he’s made of rocks or something… :)

I remember on an older Hulk edition (maybe the 90s) where the Hulk was a reasonably intelligent being (not Banner though, it had a personality of his own) and he was grey, the grey Hulk version, and also smaller, but smarter. He was kicked around by a stronger Thing, because the Thing at the time had some kind of enhanced powers and his look also changed as he had more rock around the edges and basically a cooler design. The Thing kicked the crap out of Grey Hulk, but eventually Hulk got away (aided by Dr. Doom) and he managed to come back, tire and confuse the Thing, lured him into Central Park and took the fight into the lake. He eventually managed to beat the Thing.

I’ve seen lighter versions of the Thing, I don’t like seeing too buffed up super heroes as they are a dangerous role model for kids growing up wanting to have that physique, but in the Thing’s case, I think he looks good here, and the heavier the better.

Marvel Select the Thing action figure

Marvel Select the Thing action figure

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