Marvel Universe Wave 3 action figures

by Jon

This is Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Wave 3 line of action figures that made its debut on February 2010 at Toy Fair. Wave 3 includes the following figures:

013 – Colossus
014 – Juggernaut
015 – Archangel (Fans’ Choice Winner!)
016 – A.I.M. Soldier
017 – Kitty Pryde
018 – Havok (Fans’ Choice Winner!)

Please check the good folks (Curto’s post) at Cool Toy Review:

You can also have a look at it here if you want:

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  • dmartinmyatt

    jay stole the images from here:

  • Jon the action figures buff

    I updated my post accordingly, thanks for the heads up. Don't feel so bad, sometimes people are in a hurry and forget their sources.

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