Marvel Universe action figures wave 8

by Jon

Marvel Universe action figures Wave 8

Marvel Universe Wave 8

Marvel Universe action figures wave 8 is available from May 2010 onwards. These figures are 3.75 inch and feature loads of articulation. Hint: you can even use them with the display stand that has the blue lights that come with the Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Collection action figures.

This wave includes a total of 12 action figures, and among those you have Archangel, which you probably already know, but if you didn’t, he was the winner of a poll Marvel held a while back about which action figures fans would like to have in the next wave. By the way there are 2 Juggernauts, 2 Colossus and 2 A.I.M soldiers, that’s why you only see 9 action figures in the image above.

Marvel Universe action figures wave 8
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Marvel Universe wave 8

1x Spider-Man (House of M)
1x Iron Man
1x Captain America (Original)
1x Havok
2x Colossus
2x Juggernaut
1x Kitty Pryde W/ Lockheed
1x Archangel
2x A.I.M. Soldier
(subject to change)

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