Mattel going strong despite the economy – $16.4 billion

by Jon

Despite the economy Mattel is still going strong and being the number 1 US toy maker in the US. The figure I give in the title, $16.4 billion is the overall revenue in sales, which, actually, fell down 2 percent through November last year. The holiday season, however was pretty good to Mattel and they managed to cut the loss short (2% of ~17 billion isn’t chump change). Experts (market analysts) say companies usually make up their quarter figures in sales in the period leading to Christmas.

Still, Mattel is going through a cost cutting plan, firing people (abcnews calls it ‘trimming jobs’) and improving their overall efficiency and market plans (more MOTUC for you?). Overall, it is expected, from analysts that Mattel will have a good year, or at least a good quarter, and one of these analysts even thinks it’s going to beat planned expectations. And maybe they will, at least I found their new Hot Wheels’ Stealth Rides transformable car pretty cool.

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