Mattel on DC Universe Classics, Masters of the Universe and others

by Jon

DC Universe Classics

Waves 13 and 14 are the next in line series of 6 inch action figures of the DC Universe Classics (DCUC). Wave 13 will be available starting and throughout the Spring and Summer of 2010 and it will consist of figures like 90′s Superboy, Blue Devil, Cheetah, Cyclotron, Donna Troy, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Negative Man and a Collect-And-Connect Trigon. Wave 14 will consist of Alan Scott Green Lantern, Gold, Hourman, Kamandi, Obsidian, Tyr, Zatanna and a father&son pair, Metal Man with Last Boy on Earth. This Wave will only be sold on Warmart.

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 and Wave 14 action figures

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 and Wave 14 action figures

DC multipacks

Along with the Waves, Mattel is also coming up with several multipacks, also sold on Walmart, and by the way, I don’t they think they are exclusive on this one though, just Wave 14, I just know Walmart already has 2-packs in line to sell later on, repaints of already released figures, Batman and Tim Drake Robin, along with Aquaman and Black Manta. Walmart will also have an epic Green Lantern 5-pack which will consist of a mixture of both new figures and repaints: Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan with gray temples, John Stewart, Sinestro and Tomar-Re.

DC Universe multipacks

DC Universe multipacks

DC Universe Classics Vs. Masters Of The Universe

Other multipacks coming up are the famous Masters of the Universe (MOTU) vs DC Universe Classics (DCUC)with a joint effort from Mattel and Toys “R” Us to release these figures which used to only sell online on They probably realized they had enough of a crowd to sell this to a big retailer like Toys “R” Us. So now, instead of being online exclusive, they’re Toys “R” Us exclusive. These will be $29.99 and will be on an endcap with the Retro Action. They will pair up both the worlds characters together, like He-Man and Superman, Skeletor and Lex Luthor, etc. The MOTU vs DCUC 2-packs will consist of previously released action figures with new weapons and different repaints and a mixed packaging in the boxes that include comic book reprints.

DC Universe Classics VS Masters of the Universe

DC Universe Classics VS Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe Classics

The Masters of the Universe Classics line is only available online on MattyCollector where one figure is released on a monthly basis and where you can also subscribe to a service that will allow you to collect most or every figure there is. Mattel also announced some new additions to this classic line, which include Count Marzo, Gygor, Keldor, Optikk, She-Ra and Tytus.

Masters of the Universe Classics action figures

Masters of the Universe Classics

Justice League Unlimited

Mattel will also be releasing Justice League Unlimited (JLU) action figures, which will only be sold online and at Target. The JLU line will consist of single packs as well 3-packs of action figures. There is whole LOT of figures coming up, and they’re too many to list so I’ll just point you to the comic book resources page where they speak about this. Once you’re there, scroll down the page to the JLU figures and you’ll see I wasn’t kidding.

Retro Action

Finally, we have the Retro Action series of action figures which will be available online and on Toys “R” Us. These are the 8-inch Mego style kind of action figures adn design of the 70s, but with a more up to beat and up to date look when it comes to customes and colors. Aquaman, Batman, Black Mask and Two Face are four action figures of the second wave in this line.

Retro Action (action figures of the line)

Retro Action (figures of this line)

Also check out this great interview on where Ron interviewed Scott Neitlich, Mattel’s Associate Brand Manager.

I also mentioned this on my post at comic book resources forum.

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