Mattel’s Hot Wheels – the “Stealth Rides”

by Jon

Mattel has came up with these Hot Wheels that have the size of a credit card. You take it out of the case, push a button and the previously flat device you had in your hands turns into a car. Plus, it’s a fully functioning remote control vehicle, and the control is the actual case from where you took it out. According to the head of, Jim Silver, it’s “one of the coolest new toys in 2010″.

Mattel calls these “Stealth Rides” and they have created 5 versions of them: two cars, two tanks and a “Batmobile Tumbler”, which will be shown at the 2010′s Toy Fair (in New York).

According to a Mattel representative, these Stealth Rides will allow kids to carry them in their pocket and play with them anywhere they want. And at $25 they’re pretty affordable.

The toy remote control niche has been used to have toys priced at $70 and up, with the way they will be selling for $25, in August (release date), it’s a cheap and viable way to keep kids busy. Also, the car can hold up to 30 minutes without a charge.

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