Namor versus Iron Man

by Jon

Namor vs Iron Man diorama statue

Namor vs Iron Man - click for more pics

It’s a known fact both Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, and Tony Stark, as Iron Man, have had their share of clashes throughout the years and decades in the Marvel universe. Neither is what could be considered a villain, in fact they fought in the Avengers.

Namor, however is a high spirit super powered character that relies a lot on honor and what’s right for him and his subjects as the ruler of Atlantis. This has led him to fight against the Avengers themselves when they were trying to put a stop to the creature that was previously Marrina, Namor’s wife. Marrina at one point turned into her human form but later turned herself into the creature again, and she was presumably killed. This was a huge hit on Namor, illustrating just one of the times where he turned against other super-heroes.

This sideshow diorama features Namor versus Iron Man, in one statue that promises to scrape your back pocket for what you’ve got… at 325 bucks it’s not an easy treat.

In the scene Namor is coming out of a translucent wave with his trident on his right hand, which can either be hold through the hand or fist, while Iron Man is wearing his classic armor, specially designed to fight the Sub-Mariner.

When you imagine having both these super powered dudes in display, you start to sink into the awesomeness of having them fight each other in front of you. Limited 200 run, see more pics by clicking below.

Namor versus Iron Man diorama
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Namor vs Iron Man dio

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