New 3D cameras give accurate action figure heads

by Jon

I have to say that from all the figures I posted and mentioned, usually the Hot Toys action figures take the prize when it comes to head sculpts and the likeness the Hong Kong company can give to the heads of their action figures. In the majority of cases, their action figures look a lot like the characters or actors they’re representing.

This is not true, however with everything they do. There are still a lot of their figures that don’t quite look in likeness of the characters they’re trying to portray, and this is especially true with most other companies. There is a reason why Hot Toys figures are in the 200 bucks range so they have to be good and life like, I wouldn’t expect any less.

I understand it’s hard to get that look alike, but I get ticked off by a head that really doesn’t look like the character of the action figure. Well, all that is going to be old news as there is a new kid on the block.

There is a new 3D camera based on some kind of 3D technology that is able to take real 3D photos of someone. This is HUGE. In the video below you see Matt Smith, the latest actor portraying the Eleventh Doctor in the Doctor Who of the TV series, being photographed by this camera. According to the video the camera being used was built in Russia. Hmm… do you think companies will start using these cameras or will they stick with the traditional way of working?

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