New Conan movie starring Jason Momoa from Stargate: Atlantis

by Jon

Jason Momoa is to star on the new Conan movie. He’s pretty well known in geek-world as he has a role in Stargate Atlantis. He’ll play Conan in the movie. Even though Conan, as a character, is a creation of Robert Howard, when I read Conan I always remind myself of Frazetta’s covers.

Momoa was chosen for the role over Kellan Lutz, “Twilight” star, who also auditioned but didn’t get the job. Conan isn’t the only production Momoa is working on. Besides being on the series Stargate, he’s also going to appear in “Game of Thrones” from HBO.

If you know him from Stargate you know this guy isn’t really jacked up or anything, although I’m sure he’ll start some sort of weight lifting program to get bulkier. Still, I believe the movie is going to portray a younger Conan, in which case, he could just bulk up a little and it will be enough for the role.

They’re going to start filming Conan in Bulgaria on March this year and the movie will be released in 2011. I wish them good luck, let’s hope it’s not another flick. And there will probably be some Conan action figure coming later.

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