You’re Never Too Old to Collect Action Figures

by Jon

Super Hero Kid about to fly off

Super Hero Kid

Action figures – That which is timeless

Easy there Bhudda. It was not meant to come across so poethic.

How many times have you heard this, “You’re supposed to be a grown up. When are you going to grow up and stop playing with your toys?” If you are an action figure collector, you’ve probable heard this at least a couple hundred times, by everyone from family members to friends and co-workers. But, if you really love collecting action figures, you probably don’t really care what anyone thinks.

So what if you are an adult who collects toys, and other people think you are nuts? Ten to one says that they probably have collections of some sort as well, and maybe you think their collections are ridiculous! You do not have to be a child to enjoy collecting action figures, and, collecting loose figures gives you an excuse to play with them. After all, you have to get them all set up in a cool display, right?

Why Many Adults Love Collection Action Figures

When it comes to collecting action figures, you would probably be surprised at how many adults are totally consumed by this hobby. In fact, more than likely there are more adult toy collectors than children. After all, it is adults who can actually afford to buy the figures a lot more often than kids can with their allowances. And, many adults collect special action figures that are highly collectible, something that is usually not interesting to kids who just want the toys to play with.

There are many reasons why adults love to collect actions figures. Although there are some collectors who only collect action figures as an investment and intend to resell them for a profit, there are many, many more who collect because they love the toys. Sometimes, people collect a certain line of toys, especially if the line is one that is of particular interest to them. Some great examples of this are those who collect only Marvel Comics action figures, Star Wars figures, Transformers, GI Joe, Barbie, etc.

Another reason why many adults collect action figures is to relive a little part of their childhood. Think about it. How many times have you seen an old toy that you may have had as a child and thought, “I loved that toy. I wish I still had it.” Collecting toys is a great way to bring a little bit of nostalgia into your life, to relive some really great memories.

And, it is a great way to show your own kids the things you used to play with when you were young. If you love collecting action figures and other toys, go for it! It is a fun hobby, and setting up your displays and playing with your figures can also be a great way to reduce stress and learn how to relax. Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy or childish. Feel sorry for them instead, because obviously, they have lost touch with their inner child, and this is a very sad thing. Maybe you can help them find that inner child again, by sharing your love of collecting action figures.

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  • Psyco Wolf

    Im a 17 year old giant with a big love for toy soldier action figures,don’t play with them(yet)but still love collecting them,started in 4th grade ended in 7th,but now i started again,if your’e love for them is as big as mine,please tell me!

  • Diamondlee650

    Im a teenager and i start collecting action figures when i was 7 years old my parents keep telling me don’t be so childesh grow up but ignore them still collecting them if you have the same hobby as me do not give up.

    sorry for bad english

  • action figures

    What figures did you collect Diamond?

  • action figures

    Psyco Wolf, what were your favorite exactly?


  • Elpapadetodos

     Lol… Well I guess you are not too old to play with action figures.

  • Elpapadetodos

     Do yoiu collect carded G.I.Joe’s ?

  • Hunte3r

    Awesome! Love my wrestling action figures, will never stop. Always playing, always collecting.

  • action figures

    Awesome – Hunte3r, what figures do you usually buy? ^_^

  • IwishIkeptmytoys

    I have noticed a change of late in the types of action figures out there. it seems now they make these figures to be more of a statue, or to stay in the box. if you do take them out, they are not all that fun to play with. Growing up I would have battles with He-men, and Gi Joe and Star Wars and countless figures that allowed me to basically do whatever to them and they didn’t take any damage. now you take it out of the box wrong and you take the nose off or the paint comes off immediately

    the quality we had in the early 90′s may not have been as good in terms of looks, but when it came to durability and overall quality we were really spoiled.

    I am one of those who gave his toys away to family members. and I had everything. originals. stuff I wish I had now. I mean probably a good thousand or so between TMNT, Marvel, GI Joe, He-Men, Star Wars…it actually hurts to think about how much all of that would cost and how hard it would be to even find copies of most of what I had.

    kids, do NOT sell it when you think you need a little cash, do NOT let you parents throw it out or hand it down. keep it, have them store it and box it and keep it.

  • metaldude22

    I’ve got quite a few action figures In my room

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