Overview of NECA action figures at Toy Fair 2010

by Jon

NECA pre and post burned Freddy Krueger action figure

NECA pre and post burned Freddy Krueger action figure - click this image

Pre and post burn Freddy Krueger action figures (NECA)
Click below and get Freddy
Nightmare on Elm Street 7-Inch Action Figure Case

There’s a video below about NECA’s action figures at Toy Fair in New York (which was over February 18).

NECA has some interesting offerings shown in the video. Randy Falk, NECA representative at Toy Fair talked about some of the new stuff coming.

In the movie category we have Clash of the Titans being released in April 2010, with Perseus action figure and prop replicas of Perseus’ sword, Draco’s throwing knifes, and a couple more stuff (Zeus).

Nightmare on Elm Street was also mentioned, with a couple of different versions of Freddy Krueger, pre and a post-burn Freddy Krueger as played by actor Jackie Earle Haley and a replica of Freddy’s glove (yay). Check pre and post burn Freddy Krueger on EE along with other Freddy’s stuff such as gloves.

In June, we’ll have DC Comics Jonah Hex action figures of John Malkovich, Josh Brolin and Megan Fox just in time for the movie release.

Then, in the end of June, we’ll have Twilight saga Eclipse action figures, which are not shown on the video but they will be released in time for the movie.

NECA Predator action figure

Robert Rodriguez taking on NECA Predators action figures - click here

And in July, Robert Rodriguez is taking on Predators action figures line. While you’re at it you can also check some of the other Predator lines.

Game-wise, we’re having a look at Bioshock 2 action figures when the clip gets cut.

They didn’t talk about other stuff they were doing that I mentioned yesterday, on some of my posts, which were hints based on their twitter in which NECA is going to make Borderlands and Splinter Cell action figures along with Bioshock 2 and Gears of War 2 action figures, so check those out as well.

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