Plane crashes into toy company

by Jon

I read on Wikinews that on May 25, a small 2 man aircraft (Cirrus SR-20) crashed into Thinkway Toys office building in Markham, near Toronto, at 12:30.

Both pilots/passengers were killed. The aircraft crashed into Thinkway Toys two-storey office building and it just burned and got completely covered by its own flames from the fuel. Some eye witnesses report that the aircraft was already trailing and leaving smoke behind and that it rolled before it went to crash on Thinkway Toys office building.

All the 14 employees working at Thinkway Toys escaped safely from the disaster work place. This toy company and the crash site is located near Buttonville, which has a small airport where amateur flights and training flights are given.

This is most unfortunate to know. Check Wikinews for their report:

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